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Track Roller:

Track Roller, is excavator bulldozer chassis with one of the four area, its main function is to support tractor attachments and the weight of the bulldozer, let tracked down the wheels forward.

Track Roller the main structure: round body, a heavy axle, bushings, sealing ring, cultura related parts to form. Track Roller can be divided into a unilateral and bilateral track rollers heavy wheel; Excavator with track roller with a track roller with bulldozers, tractor attachments with a track roller general is black paint, bulldozers track rollers are usually yellow paint.

Track roller round body material generally 45 steel, 40 Mn2, and other materials, main process casting or forging, mechanical processing, then heat treatment, surface hardness of hardened wheels to HRC38 or so, to increase the surface of the wheel wear resistance. Track rollers process accuracy are higher, the general is the need to carry on the processing can achieve numerical control machine tool requirements. Materials to 40 Mn2 more, after processing were also quenching heat treatment, hardness of HRC42. Or so.

Track rollers easy to appear in question are: A, round body wear. The situation is the reason of the unqualified or steel materials heat treatment of low hardness, wear resistance is insufficient; B, leaking oil. Track rollers through the collar have been rotating, round body to come on to the lubrication, but if the sealing ring bad word, very easy to produce oil leakage phenomenon, this axis and collar in no lubrication, very easy to wear, cause products can use. Therefore, a track roller the stand or fall of seal is used to measure the production company product quality of a very important standards.

Track Roller Specification
Type Size A B C D E H
Type A SR101 204 137 90 16 148.5 32
Type B-Ⅰ SR102 / 161 / 16 125 17.5
Type C-Ⅰ SR103 / 180.5 / 18 214 /
Type B-Ⅱ SR104 318 242.5 102 17 198 44
Type B-Ⅱ SR105 216 152 80 13 136 26.5
Type D SR106 / 175 / 18 119.5 /
Type B-Ⅱ SR107 350 254 130 22 200 50
Type C-Ⅱ SR108 / 285 / M30 305 /
Type C-Ⅱ SR109 / 398 / M36 350 /
Type A SR110 216 182 82 15 131.5 26
Type C-Ⅲ SR111 / 202 / M14 200 12.5
Type C-Ⅲ SR112 / 216 / M14 216.5 12
Type C-Ⅳ SR113 280 160 140 18 279 25

Type A

Type B-Ⅰ

Type B-Ⅱ Type C-Ι
Type C-Ⅱ Type C-Ⅲ
Type C-Ⅳ Type D

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