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Rubber Track:

Our company concentrates on the sale of rubber tracks of engineering machines for a long time, and we have thorough research on the usage characteristics and pressure transfer of rubber track to drive wheel and other related parts. We can put forward a specialized design proposal according to customers' actual requirements to promise our rubber track can match with the customers' undercarriage or other parts during the operation.

In the long-time sale of rubber track pads, we continuously absorb the experience of international market on the aspect of products' model design and related quality controls.

We also develop our own special type of rubber track according to the demand of international market.

Rubber track has high velocity, high resistance to vibration, traction, Low noise, machine lightweight, no damage to roads, wear resistance, use Life is long, etc, in the rubber track after had appeared newsletter Speed development and promotion, has a lot in a variety of industries and application Machinery.

A rubber track belt body structure of caterpillar contains the following parts: Iron teeth, drive track; Steel wire, and inherit traction; Decorative pattern, grounding part; Wheel side, bearing a heavy round part. As a moulded products, rubber tracks are in the mold of sulfide Manufacturing. Production mode: joint vulcanization, no joint vulcanization, No joint of sulfide and divided into integral mold vulcanization, section Sulfide.

Our replacement rubber tracks are built with heat-treated and hammer-forged steel links. Rubber track advanced construction is guaranteed to stand up to the toughest punishment your operators can dish out. We have done extensive research and testing to ensure a optimal product.

Guaranteed To Fit - We ensure that our replacement tracks will fit your equipment just like your original rubber track pads - Guaranteed!

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