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sprocket TL130

Product description 

On crawler machinery, sprocket is mostly arranged at the rear, the advantage of this arrangement is can shorten the length of the track driving section, reduce track pin’s friction loss caused by the driver, extend the service life of the track, and not easy to cause the track lower arch, avoid the risk of steering track off, is helpful to improve the efficiency of the walking system. The center height of the sprocket should be conducive to reducing the height of the center of gravity (or body) and increasing the grounding length of the track, improving the adhesion performance, so the sprocket height should be as small as possible.

Skid steer loader sprocket TL130

Technical parameters 

Part Name Application machine model
Track Roller 279C > 299C Tri Flg  420CT >450CT  T190 > T320  CT315, CT322, CT332  TL26-2 TL130, TL230 
Idler  279C > 299C Front      Idler(Double Web)   279C > 299C Rear    Idler(Double Web) 
L9A TL140 TL240    Idler Assy  T870 
CT315, CT322, CT332  TB175 F/I T870 Rear Idler    
Sprocket 279C > 299C  259B3 CTL  T140 > T190  CT315   322D/333D    John  Deere 319D 323D    329D  
TL140 (early s/n)  TL26-2   TL126   TB175 TL130, TL230 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Skid steer loader 
sprocket TL130 packing wooden pallet.
Delivery Time: Shipped in 30 days after payment.

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