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Morooka transport dumper MST 800 idler for rubber track undercarriage

Product description 

Our company began to research and produce engineering machinery undercarriage from year of 2007, include four wheels, they are sprocket, top roller, track roller and idler.
We choose the key components of best quality from domestic manufacture of the highest level to ensure the life of our products. After the development of years, we have hundreds of varieties, the coverage from 3 tons excavator to 40 tons large machine, most products were exported. Now we have 6 professional designers and several experienced staffs, we are cultivating our own design team constantly to meet the growing request from customers on technology and services.

Morooka transport dumper  MST 800 idler for rubber track undercarriage

My company is specialized in manufacturing MOROOKA parts of crawler dump truck, including track roller, sprocket, top roller, idler.  In the process of production and sales, we won't be a competitive market with low quality and low prices, we insist on the policy of quality first and good service, create optimum value for customers is our constant pursuit.

Technical parameters

part name Application machine model
track roller
MST300 MST 600/700 MST 800 MST 1500  MST 2200VD/2000  
YANMAR C50R (single) YANMAR C50R (double)        
sprocket  MST800  MST1500 MST1500V/VD MST2200VD YANMAR C50R  
idle MST300 MST600 MST 800  MST1500  MST2200  YANMAR C50R
top roller MST300 MST800 MST 1500 /2200       

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Morooka MST800 idler roller packing wooden pallet.
Delivery Time: Shipped in 30 days after payment.

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